My story

My story.

First off, this is not a sob story or an biography of my life, this is s short explanation on why and how I got myself into the frame of mind to start saving, be more frugal and take control of my life.

Before April 2015 money burnt a huge hole in my pocket, i was working full time and taking home approximately £1200 a month after tax. My only out goings were £200 a month rent to my parents and a £40 a month phone contract, the rest of my income was my own to spend or save on what ever i please, lets just say there was no spending.

My old Spending habit.

I would spend the best part of £1000 within the first 2 weeks of payday on clothes, new games for my playstation, food, alcohol, cinema trips, expensive dinners out, take aways and almost anything else i could find that would mean spending money. I look back and ask myself why and to this day I don’t know. I wasn’t addicted to spending money, I didn’t feel as if i NEEDED to spend money, I  just felt like if i had it i COULD spend it.

What made me change.

Okay here comes to sob story. I have a severely autistic brother with very challenging and unpredictable behaviour, our family home isn’t a family home, its a family home adapted to his needs. without going into too much detail It got to the point where i really felt like i needed to move out. I was not able to afford to rent, nor would i want a mortgage if i could afford one so i turned my attention alternative ways of living which leads me on to a pretty big change/chapter of my life, my canal boat phase.

April 2015

April 2016 is when everything changed, but


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